“Belonging, Connection, Care and Loving Accountability are all keys to a successful Ministerial Fellowship. Anchor Ministerial Fellowship prides itself on being much more than a credentialing body offering ministers of the gospel a place to ‘put down roots’. Our much loved “Grow Days” will inspire and equip you as you lead and other events such as the Annual Conference and Regional Gatherings will deepen your connection with other Anchor Members. Thank you for considering joining Anchor Ministerial  Fellowship.”

Ken Miles, Anchor President

Ministry Credentials

The three levels of credentials are as follows:

Local Licence

Local Licence holders are meant to function as extensions of their Local Church’s ministry to its community.

General Licence

General Licence holders are recognized as maturing ministerial candidates who are progressively developing the full proof of their ministry as they lead.


Ordination holders are mature ministers whose giftings are duly recognized by the Church of Jesus Christ and are set apart for the purpose of God-called ministry.


To qualify for membership, applicants must:

  • Have experienced a definite call, confirmed to others by the witness of the Holy Spirit
  • Have an understanding of and faith in the purpose of God through their call
  • Have a desire and dedication to give oneself unreservedly to the ministry
  • Subscribe to the Corporation’s Confession of Faith
  • Have properly completed the application for membership and paid the prescribed non-refundable application fee
  • Clearly indicate on their Credentials Application Form which level of ministerial licence they are requesting. The three levels of credentials are as follows:
    • Local Licence
    • General Licence
    • Ordination
  • Have provided three Reference Sheets regarding the applicant’s character, ministerial involvement, and training
  • Have provided a signed Sponsor Sheet designating a spiritual overseer
  • Agree to personal interview if deemed necessary by the Credentials Committee
  • Have received the approval of the Board for admission into membership of the Corporation

Membership Fees

Membership Level Cost
Renewal - Local License $250
Renewal - General License $270
Renewal - Ordination $300
New Ordination - Service Fee $500